Crisis Management

All crises — whether arising from a corporate emergency, a catastrophic event, or negative publicity — require a coordinated response on an expedited timeline. First Person Care Clinics has a proven track record of helping leading national healthcare providers manage crises requiring the quick action, strategic insight, and litigation know-how critical to protecting a company’s business and reputation. Working closely with our healthcare industry clients in both responding to and handling crises, we provide tailored solutions to meet our clients’ needs. FPC Clinic has long counseled healthcare providers of all types through their highest-profile issues, from major enforcement actions involving allegations of billing improprieties, kickbacks, self-referral violations, and quality of care issues, to transformative transactions and reimbursement changes that threaten their financial viability. Based on our experience in the industry and the close collaboration between the lawyers in our healthcare regulatory and litigation and enforcement, government affairs, privacy, and transactional practices, among others, we bring to our work a deep and nuanced understanding of the healthcare industry.

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