Preventative Diagnostics

Preventative Diagnosis can be crucial for a better, healthier, and longer life.

Here is why it is so important

TM Flow analysis focuses on early detection and follow-up of complications (autonomic nervous system & vascular system) of chronic metabolic diseases such as Diabetes. The TM FLOW System includes the following tests to determine these clinical outcomes and includes:
  • Sudomotor function tests – using sympathetic skin response
  • Photo-plethysmography analysis – using an oximeter. This includes heart rate variability analysis and spectral analysis of the oximeter waveform.
  • Cardiac Autonomic Reflex Tests or EWING Tests: which include The Vasalva Maneuver, Deep Breathing exercises, Postural changes Ankle Brachial Index (OR ABI ) measurement using pneumo-plethysmography

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