Having a child is one of the life’s most beautiful gifts, but as any parent will tell you, it is full of worry too. That is why it is always reassuring to know that there is someone there to support you when your kid is feeling under the weather. This is one of the many benefits of registering with a pediatric clinic.

Many people believe that pediatricians only work with newborns and young children, which couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the pediatricians and their team at a clinic will be on hand from before your child is born all the way through to young adulthood. FPC Clinics offer a full range of services to ensure that your child grows up healthily.

Newborn Exams

Whether you are a first-time parent or expecting another addition to your family, pregnancy and the period after the birth can be a challenging time, as you are likely to be sensitive to the smallest changes in your body and your newborn’s behavior.

That is why we highly recommend following the Centers for Disease Control and Protection’s (CDC) screening timetable. These exams occur on a regular basis and give you an opportunity to address any concerns you may have. During the exams, your doctor will perform a thorough exam to ensure your baby is developing well.

Your clinic will also be able to provide your baby’s immunization schedule, which although unpleasant, is one less thing to worry about, as you adapt to life with a little one.

Well-Child Exams

Once your baby starts growing into a toddler, the support certainly doesn’t stop. You will notice that changes come thick and fast, and you will probably want to call a timeout to enjoy each stage of your child’s development. During this exciting time, well-child exams are a useful way to check how your child is developing and address any issues – physical, behavioral, and emotional – as they arise.

When your child has a well-child exam, your pediatrician will check their general health and measure their growth and vital signs. You will be able to ask the doctor for advice about diets, behavior and any other worries and concerns you may have. In the first few years, the well-child exams will occur more regularly and become less frequent once they have started school.

School Physicals

Once your child has started school, the well-child exams are replaced by annual school physicals, which in many states are a legal requirement. Kids love spreading germs, and many childhood illnesses are highly contagious. Therefore, the school physicals are a necessary check-and-balance to protect the school community.

The school physicals take place once a year, and hopefully, they will be the only time of the year you need to visit the clinic. Your doctor will monitor the development and health of your child, and provide a safe place for you and your child to discuss any issues associated with growing up. This is particularly useful as the children become teenagers, which can be a confusing and challenging time for all concerned.

Sports Physicals

Playing sports is an excellent way to help your child develop both physically and socially. Like school physicals, these exams are a legal requirement in some states. And, they are a great way to help get kids, who suffer from pre-existing medical conditions, safely onto the playing field.

A sports physical exam gives the pediatrician the opportunity to take a medical history and check the general health of your child, which will allow them to identify any risk factors associated with your child playing a particular sport. From there, the doctor will be able to advise you on ways to minimize any risk and monitor the medication. In the case of conditions such as allergies and asthma, with slight adjustments to medication and increased awareness of the risk factors, can enable most kids to enjoy an active and successful sporting career.

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